Brand dishes for cats and dogs, dishes for feeders

High-quality food is one of important thing for our pets, but one more such important thing is convenient dishes from which they consume it.
Bowls on a stand is a wonderful solution in terms of practicality and functionality.
The design of the stand allows you not to bend over every meal.
Bowls are always in place - your cat and dog calmly consume food.
Using the stand is a convenience for the owner.
Bowls can be easily removed and washed, it is convenient to pour food in them. Less need to clean up the place after meals.
We offer a choice of coasters with bowls of different shapes, sizes and designs.
The description of the goods has all the necessary information for selection:

  •     the size of the stand and its height
  •     bowl volume
  •     what breeds of cats and dogs are suitable
  •     choice of color stand
  •     the ability to put the name of your pet on individual models

To purchase bowls on a stand for dogs and cats, you must be familiar with the terms of delivery of goods from Ukraine (ask us for possible ways by the e-mail) and make an order in the store.

Trixie ceramic dish for cats, 0,2l
Trixie inoxidant dish 0,2l
Trixie inoxidant dish 0,2l for cats
Trixie inoxidant dish 0,45l
Trixie inoxidant dish 0,75l
Trixie inoxidant dish 1,8l
Trixie inoxidant dish 2,8l
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