• Night lamp "Dance of Hearts" Night lamp "Dance of Hearts" Night lamp "Dance of Hearts"
    Night lamp "Dance of Hearts"

Material: wood - Siberian larch

Dimensions: 230x165x165

Weight: 1470g


Lighting - LED RGB-tape.

Lamp management carried out by
any Android or iOS device via connecting to Wi-Fi.

It is also possible to manage via the Internet. Many different color switching algorithms (for music, etc.)

The beautiful and unusual design of the lamp model and the natural design of the wood itself make the model quite original and special. The ability to switch colors to music makes it possible to create a special romantic atmosphere in your room.

The material from which the lamp is made of is larch wood, known for its long time with its medicinal properties.

In larch wood there are special substances - phytoncides. They emanate out of wood throughout their life cycle. Phytoncides spread in the air and clean it from harmful microbes.

Thus, in the room of larch wood there are very few viruses and microbes. Material of high durability and durability.

This lamp is suitable for connoisseurs of wood products and people who prefer natural materials.

The niche does not have lacquer-paint coatings, so it is perfect for a children's room.

During the lamp, the light aroma of the needle is felt, which refreshes the room.

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Night lamp "Dance of Hearts"

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